Hire a E.M.T.-Paramedic or Lifeguard for your next event


First Responder Services

Our staff are certified E.M.T.-Paramedics and who are fully licensed and insured.

We have highly qualified and experienced event first aiders, registered EMT-medics, paramedics and RN (Nurses) to provide safe and efficient first aid and medical services at your next event.

We provide first responder services for:

Industry Services
Mining Services
Event Services
Extreme Sports Activities
Film and Television (We are members of the IATSE local 477)
Prehospital Emergency Services
Private Functions
Motor Racing
Sporting competitions
Public gatherings

Ensure that you meet the duty of care to your customers, competitors, spectators or members of the public by having us available to tend to the possible medical needs at your event.

Our team can set up a single medical post or be mobile around your venue.

Lifeguards Services

Having a pool party?
We provide lifeguard services with entertainment.

Need lifeguards to staff your pool facility?
Our lifeguard network works with dozens of lifeguards to staff your facility.

Our qualified lifeguards and trained aquatic rescue personnel are available for hire. They can work with venue staff in all lifeguard and rescue matters, or establish an independent patrol and rescue service.

Why hire a Lifeguard for your pool party?
Having a Lifeguard at your private pool party or event can mean the difference between life and death for someone you care about. Lifeguards can not prevent all injuries, but when a slip, fall, or other accident does occur, they are trained to respond in a way that will prevent minor injuries from becoming serious. In the event that the injury does become serious, properly trained lifeguards greatly increase the chances of survival during those critical moments before EMS can arrive.

Our lifeguards will coordinate the party and help with set up and clean up. They will guide the children through pool games and races or simply lifeguard and maintain control as the group enjoys free swim and floating fun.